LIMB | NIYAMA: Svadhyaya

There was a time when the love that I had for myself was so poor, that I operated from a place of need 24/7. I always needed something and always wanted something from somebody, with nothing to give back. I saw myself higher than I should, which is actually indicative of someone devoid of self love because they’re so full of ego.

I can’t say that I’m cured of ego, or that I don’t drop back into a space of need, but I am learning how to love myself better, which brings me to the #limboftheweek: svadhyaya. The fourth limb of the second subset, Niyamasvadhyaya means self examination. Believe it or not, assessing yourself is a huge form of self love. By doing so you’re identifying the areas of growth and making corrections accordingly in order to be a better you!

Below I’ve listed 5 easy ways I’ve been loving myself better. Feel free to borrow any of them, and if you know of someone who would benefit from reading this, please share.

1.  Examine myself without being critical

As you begin to assess yourself, do so without criticism but with compassion, understanding that you’re an ever-evolving being.

2. Take the feedback of others as an opportunity to grow

People are always going to have something to say, naturally, but sometimes they’re right. Folks may be able to perceive something that you’ve overlooked, so take advantage of the comments of others. Use them as an opportunity to grow.

3. Do onto myself as I do onto others

The Apostle of my church put me onto this one! Sometimes we pour so much into others, but nothing into ourselves because we don’t believe we’re deserving of the same treatment. Understand that when you give from a place of lack, you’re not giving at all, you’re just being depleted. As you give to others, do the same, if not more for yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s self love.

4. Don’t assign ANY limitations to myself

Believe there’s nothing you can’t do! Say it with me, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” period.

5. Build myself up

Speaking life to your soul is so vital; what I mean by “speaking life” is saying things to yourself that build you up, not tear you down. Nip the self deprecating thoughts in the butt once and for all by mindfully replacing them with positive things that you know and believe about yourself.