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Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop

Part asana, part lecture, the Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop is designed to help individuals elevate their self identification beyond seemingly dualistic, 3rd dimensional aspects of their mind and body. We do this by teaching students how to physically embody and emotionally connect with the 6 archetypes of the divine feminine. During the physical asana practice participants are guided through the chakras as they align with the archetypes. A touch-infused Hatha sequence awakens your awareness to the presence of these archetypes within and ultimately increases students understanding of and identification with the greater principles of Spirit.

We’ll briefly explore the history of the divine feminine and our personal relationship to it or lack thereof, in addition to menstrual rituals and exploring “kingdom sex” through the combination of sex and Spirit.

This workshop is for those who have the desire to know and love themselves beyond their human experience, including societal norms, duality-based feminist teachings, patriarchal systems and systems of privilege and oppression. It is for those who want to connect with their bodies beyond trauma and victimization. This workshop is for individuals who are ready to identify with their being as living souls having a human experience in order to access their evolved presence.


An extension of the Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop, I designed Divine Hatha for Cody App to help students awaken awareness to the divine feminine through a series of chakra-balancing Hatha sequences. 

This series features 6, 35 minute classes embodying the archetypes of the divine feminine to help students emotionally connect with this multi-dimensional energy within their physical body. 





The Goddess

Queen Mother                                                               




Wise Woman


Menstrual Rituals

Kingdom Sex – combination of sex & Spirit

Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of Water