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Brand Ambassador

You can call me a newbie when it comes to being a spokesperson for brands but it’s something I’ve come to enjoy! Mainly because we are consumers whether we want to be or not, (hunny I know I am) and I’ve always appreciated a bloggers ability to authentically relate to a brand or product so much so that the story resonates with me.

I strive to weave that same intentionality into all of my partnerships and make being a consumer a little sexier and less leechy. If you’re a like-minded brand interested in creating some badassery together let’s chat!



Despite failing communications in college and a severe case of anxiety in high school, public speaking has become a place where I shine! I love doing live, on-camera events and or hosting gigs and am moved by the energy of the crew, the audience and ultimately what we’re creating together.

I speak on subjects relating to body positivity, the divine feminine, the 5 self healing benefits of yoga, Black Girl Magic and more! If you’re interested in booking me as a speaker, host or guest let’s do it.