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I teach students how to self heal by identifying their divine authority. Once healing has begun the doors of liberty are opened & it’s only a matter of time before you become the individual you were destined to be.

— Abiola Akanni


My Approach in the Practice

My formal Bikram background and bhakti focus fuse with fluid Vinyasa, creating a reflective sequence focused on developing emotional intelligence. Traditional African and contemporary dance influences add color and play to my practices. Here we lean into areas of growth compassionately while motivational aspects encourage the celebration of incremental change.

My Approach as a Coach

I utilize the 5 self healing benefits of yoga to guide clients through a process of self examination. Through the development of emotional intelligence and self acceptance we learn to disassociate ourselves with past traumas and reassociate with our divine authority.

Together we’ll navigate through the areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed, limited and or wounded. We’ll then set a course of action utilizing the 5 self-healing benefits of yoga as markers guiding you to the person you desire to be and the life you want to live.

I use yoga, meditation and divine connection to take you through a process of transformation from the inside out, drawing you to a place of hope and self love.

My Background

Those close to me know me as an aspirant ball of energy with an incredibly motivated outlook on life. My competitive Type A personality worked in my favor for several years as an athlete and entrepreneur, but it also ate away at my self esteem, body image and relationships. As a result I struggled with substance abuse and depression for some time.

That’s when yoga came in. The practice found me by way of Bikram yoga 8 years ago, at a time where self awareness and balance were essential to my emotional development and empowerment. Since then, the practice has become my way of life, gifting me with the tools necessary to build the life of my dreams and becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

Yoga finds each of us in a unique time and space. The practice itself has a life of its own and will see you through. I’m here to help guide your growth; to tell you to push, but to also pull, to dive deep, but also to relax, to inhale, but don’t forget to exhale.

When we embrace change on our mat, we invite it into our lives.


RYT Certified Yoga Instructor via Yoga Alliance

  • 200hr Certification | Urban Yoga Spa
  • 200hr Certification | 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science | Minor: Law, Diversity & Justice from Western Washington University