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I teach students how to heal by receiving both their light and shadow without judgement or criticism. From there they begin to identify beyond duality-based conscienceness and experience true liberty, in love.

— Abiola Akanni


How I Became a Yogi

What’s good ya’ll! Abiola Akanni (pronounced Ah-be-ahla) here, wellness entrepreneur, founder of Trap Vinyasa™ and creator of the Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop.

My yoga journey started almost 10 years ago after a bad drug habit and annoying scoliosis diagnosis that took me off the track, literally (I used to be a sprinter) and left me on the couch. In the midst of this I was introduced to yoga which helped me build awareness around deep-seeded insecurities and a victimization mindset. As cliche as it sounds this practice ushered in healing that allowed me to alchemize my life by converting trauma into points of ascension.


What Inspired the Yoga by Biola Brand and Blog?

Once I began applying yogic philosophy to my life I created a process of self examination called the 5 self healing benefits of yoga in order to identify areas of growth. After teaching my 1st yoga retreat in Kauai in 2014 I started sharing this process and practice on social media. I didn’t have an intention in mind but rather a desire to connect with others looking to heal.

Fast forward to today and that desire has now mushroomed into a few brands and a blog where I share my balanced and boujee experiences while holding space for individuals all over the world!

I’m inspired by all things wellness because I’ve come to the conclusion that leading a holistic lifestyle of authenticity is no longer an option for me but a necessity for my emotional wellbeing. As a teacher and a healer holding safe space is natural for me, hints my workshops, yet as a creative entrepreneur providing resources and content for community is a passion of mind and this blog offers the platform to do so!


Why Read this Blog?

Hunny, yoga is a journey, it ain’t a destination so know that I’m not claiming to be somewhere – I’ve made that mistake before and fell flat on my ass because of it. Instead, I’d like to share my experiences and make enlightenment accessible, for anyone, whether you’re a thot, thug or yogi.

Everyone is deserving of spiritual nourishment and my hope is to cut out the privileged stereotype of wellness and make it approachable, even if you like trap music and Hennessy, (did I give myself away)?


RYT Certified Yoga Instructor via Yoga Alliance

  • 200hr Certification | Urban Yoga Spa
  • 200hr Certification | 8 Limbs Yoga Centers

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science | Minor: Law, Diversity & Justice from Western Washington University