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How to Discover Sensuality in Everyday Activities

June 27, 2018

Discovering sensuality in everyday activities doesn’t have to be a mystery. When you become more self aware of your body and explore it as a sensual being you begin to have a sensory experience, 1 where the 5 senses are awakened to you, for you.

When we begin to have a sensory experience with our bodies we learn its language, intuitively listening and leaning into all of our senses while exercising presence within them. What’s amazing about sensuality is that it doesn’t require a sexual connotation or climax in order for you to enjoy the benefits of being alive to your body. I break this down in my “The Truth About Abstinence” video.

As opposed to identifying as a sexual vessel where your pleasure is for another, sensuality places the ownership of your body back in your hands. It gives you permission to delight in every touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight, and ultimately expands your experience with your body beyond sex. Check out this video where I share how to build a relationship with your yoni through the 5 senses!

To start start discovering sensuality in everyday activities try indulging in self touch massage during your personal yoga practice. Specifically caressing the areas your feeling the most sensation in, once again this does not have to lead to a climax unless you want it to. Take time savoring your next sip of rose and notice the tingly tannins on the tip of your tongue. Feel the texture of your breath as it expands in your lungs as you breath or how the wind strokes your cheek while your walking outside or driving on a warm day. Start to notice every touch, every taste and every breath and begin to watch your world and body come alive to you, more specifically you’ll begin to experience sensuality in what was once a monotonous moment. Have fun!

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