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RE-UP: Transform Sexual Energy Into Creative Energy

February 28, 2018
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LIMB | Yamas: brahmacharya

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m not saying you have to stop having sex, forever, but abstinence wouldn’t kill you.

First off, sex is the driving force of nature and is really about producing life. From plant pollination, to our biological urge to reproduce all the time, we’re wired to screw, and all of creation follows suit. With that being said, sex, despite it’s puritanical association, is far from a dogmatic act, but a beautiful tool created with purpose and passion.

Sex joins souls, so when you sleep with someone you take a part of them and they a part of you — sorry guys, it’s not an empty act as we’d like to believe. That unification is meant to edify or build up both parties spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically due to the joining of life. If you don’t know this, you’re basically enjoying the act with none of the core energetic benefits.

Tantric traditions and other esoteric groups explore the hidden powers within sex and how to elevate through them dimensionally. I imagine it being kind of like controlling and developing a wild bear.

I’ve yet to experience sex on this level and with this newfound knowledge. No, I’m not a virgin, but I’ve practiced abstinence for a few years now and have gained some truth and understanding as to what is transpiring when we have sex. Oh, and I channeled my sexual energy into creative energy, yeah, that happened too!

Which brings me to #thelimboftheweek: brahmacharya. The fourth subset of the first limb, brahmacharya means moderation or sensory control. In regards to abstinence, brahmacharya suggests building relationships that foster an understanding of truth and exercising responsible behavior that moves toward that goal of truth. The practice of brahmacharya means we use our sexual energy to gain an understanding of our spiritual and soul self. This limb isn’t necessarily about celibacy, but mindfulness when it comes to sex.

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Abstinence naturally harnesses sexual energy, but you have to be mindful of that energetic frequency in order to use it. Prior to abstaining, I wasn’t able to create anything. I lacked the energy to produce and the mental clarity to see what I could do.

While abstinent I noticed sharpness in my senses, a supernatural focus and a sensitivity to external stimuli, which awakened such vibrant creativity. I then took that cognizance and went to work. Thus far, what I’ve produced is brimming and buzzing with life, it’s literally living!

The greatest experience on this journey of abstinence has been becoming aware of my soul, how displaced it once was and how it’s now prospering.

Two weeks or more without sex or a climax can get you similar, if not greater, results if you’re mindfully monitoring your energetic and sensory frequencies.

If you want to tap into new territory creatively or desire something richer from sex, try it out. If not, no biggie, just keep doing what you’re doing. Either way, I’d love to learn where your experiences lead you if you’d like to share!



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