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LIMB | NIYAMA: Santosa

February 28, 2018

LIMB | NIYAMA: Santosa

I called my friend the other day in bitter distress. After gawking, for hours, over every single Instagram update and Facebook post from some of the most successful fitness professionals, it was confirmed – I felt like shit.

Like, I felt really, really bad. This happens every few weeks. Occasionally, I’ll allow myself to drown in the social media accounts of professionals I admire, and shortly after I’ve flooded my insecurities with sufficient material, the questions come: how are you going to do this? How are you going to get to that level? How will you ever compare to these women? What influence do you have? How will you get that influence? Your abs need to be flatter, skin glossier, teeth whiter, and on it goes.

My friend asked me, “whose feeds are you surfing?” I answered, “ya know, fitness professionals who’ve been in the game for some time,” like Hannah Bronfman pictured above: socialite, fitness fanatic and founder of HBFit. At that my friend responded, “it’s one thing to admire, but why are you comparing yourself to these women? Girl, you just got your teacher training certificate earlier this year, give it some time!” Oh yeah, I always forget I’m new to the fitness world as a professional. But I can’t help that I’m a perfectionist. In my mind I’m on the same level as these women, and all that leaves me to do is compare, compare, compare.

The limb we’re discussing today is the second subset (Santosa) of the second limb, NiyamasSantosa means contentment. Contentment refers to being at peace with what you have and where you are. In doing so, life become this long thread of growth and development, with every situation offering a greater opportunity to find gratification as opposed to exercising resistance.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but the beauty is that it can be done. My friend was right, I’ve only recently been introduced to yoga as a professional, and should work towards being content with that as I learn from those I admire. #workinprogress #my8limbslife




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