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How To Liberate Your Conscience

February 28, 2018

What Is The Conscience?

The conscience is so fascinating because it’s one of the lenses in which we view our reality. This makes the conscience very valuable to ourselves and others because it has the power to control perception and ultimately our world. On a basic, and I mean super sub human level, the conscience measures the “right” or “wrongness” of one’s behavior. Did I mention this definition was sub human? To the contrary, in a place of expanded awareness, a liberated conscience will assist you in creating your dream reality! I’m like, totally serious.

The conscience is shaped at a young age by authority figures who, lacking an expanded awareness, teach us how to live life based on the principles of what they believe to be right or wrong. These teachings are usually socially conditioned ideals of what someone perceives as acceptable and were more than likely passed down from a previous authority figure. The problem with this is that as you get older and hopefully mature these teachings no longer fit. Liken it to a 24 year old wearing a 10 month old onesie – that’s a tight squeeze. Also, remember your conscience is a lens in which you view your reality and if it’s operating off of stagnant teachings you may find yourself living a stagnant life with little to no advancement or growth.

As we grow the conscience should develop as well, it should keep step with our spirit as opposed to wading in stagnant teachings of our pasts. Ultimately you want your conscience to deliver balanced guidance in alignment with your authentic self and what’s good for you and others, not based on what’s right or wrong because ultimately “wrong” does not exist. I’ll save that for another post.

Ok Really, How Do I Liberate My Conscience?

So how does one liberate their conscience in order to rid themselves of the mental roadblocks populating their reality? You find the root of the roadblock. Sounds simple enough but it’s not necessarily that easy. Most people are not skilled in the art of self examination which is why some hire therapists to take them through this process. On the other hand, you can also find an examiner who’s navigated through their own healing and liberation and have them guide you – shameless plug, I know.

This is exactly why I created the Be Liberated Workshop, to guide my fellow millennials through the process of liberating their conscience in 6 specific areas. I’ve been doing this work on myself for years and as a result have been able to experience a life aligned with my authentic self as opposed to entertaining a “by the book” existence. It’s a real transformation, yet it’s one you have to take mindfully and compassionately. As a facilitator and healer I understand that this type of work requires safe space and I’m skilled on doing just that. My system of self examination will allow us to explore the root of our roadblocks without criticism, detonate the bomb and reroute. It will be uncomfortable yet liberating in the purest way possible.

Can I Get You Results?

Yes, I can. I say that with confidence. I can help you to begin to live a life of purpose, on purpose and built on authentic beliefs that are living, moving and breathing.

The Be Liberated Workshop is coming to you October 21st-23rd. Yep, this is a 3-day intensive weekend workshop. I only have 12 spots so let’s make it happen, cap’n. Register HERE by September 1st for the early bird special of $395. After that prices go back up to $500. Why? Because I believe in the value of what I’m offering you. Oh, and if you want to chat to ensure that I know my stuff, schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session by emailing me at with the subject line BE Liberated. Ask me anything, I’m an open book!

I applaud you for taking this step. Here’s to your liberty!


Be well, be liberated,


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