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Live Your Best Life Now!

February 28, 2018

Is it just me or do you fall into the habit of saving the best for last? Like that al dente piece of pasta drenched in the tastiest pool of creamy alfredo sauce or saving your coolest, recently purchased outfit for the “right” event to show it off at or reserving your chicest hairdo, your slayer-ist make-up, your best self for some future event, person or place! Why is that? Why does everything better have to live in the future and not right now?

This is the question I started asking myself the other day while peering through my extensive collection of unworn shoes and clothes. Why don’t I wear any of this, moreso, why do I feel guilty when I do, as if I’m underserving of the attention it’s guaranteed to bring?

I know many of us were taught that our superior, more affirming and positive life is logged somewhere in the future as opposed to being here, now. Your best of everything is not floating somewhere far off in time but is right now, in this moment because that’s all there really is!

Old teachings misinformed us, not to break us down but because greater knowledge and understanding was not available but now it is! For the last 5 years I’ve placed my best self on reserve waiting for the right person, the perfect opportunity and place to bring my best self forward, then I realized I don’t need to wait, I can do that for myself right now!

This moment is all that I have and to waste it being anything than my greater self when I know I can be is an inadequate use of my energy. Sometimes we feel guilty for being present or we fear living in the moment because we’re unsatisfied as to who or where we are at that time. The only way to overcome that guilt and fear is to experience living in the now and allow yourself to see the beauty of the present moment, absent of fear, as well as the beauty within you. You just have to go for it. Stop waiting and wanting and start living. Do it now! Wear that dress or suit now. Create that awesome hairstyle now. Say what you want to say at the meeting today. Do it now so you experience the bliss of it all today and see that it’s not living in the future somewhere but is here, now!

So I encourage you to fearlessly put your best face forward, slip on the dress for the big event to wear to the casual day party your homegirl arranged, share and show off the inner work you’ve done. You don’t need to wait for some huge partnership, job, or event to let your best self be seen. You can live and experience your best self right now, all you have to do is choose it!

We’ll be breaking off the very barriers that hinder us from doing this at the upcoming BE Liberated Workshop in May. I hope to see you there! In the meantime, embody your best self today, not for the world but for you, hunny!



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