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5 Must-Have Yoga Essentials For A Kickass Class

February 28, 2018

Are you new to yoga or been practicing for awhile and want to ensure you have a kickass class? Keep reading for the top 5 yoga essentials to improve your practice.


Having an awesome yoga class is easy when you have the proper tools at your disposal. On the flip side, coming to a yoga class ill-prepared can drop your energy level and ultimately effect your postures. These 5 must-have yoga essentials will see you through and set you up for success!

1. Mat

You may be thinking, “well duhhh, of course I need a yoga mat to practice yoga.” But I’m not talking about any old mat, I mean something durable, slip resistant and light. When I first started practicing yoga I’d buy cheap mats with little to no grip. Not only would they peel within 2 weeks, but I’d find myself slipping all over them during class. Instead of transitioning into postures with ease, I’d have to modify to find my footing which slowed down my practice. So not fun.

2. Yoga Pants

This goes for both ladies and gents; invest in durable yoga pants or shorts. Something moisture-wicking with at least 4-way stretch and flat-lock seams. Because you’re flowing through postures you want attire that will flow with you, not against you. The last thing you want to worry about is heavily soaked clothing weighing you down during practice or something so flimsy that it becomes transparent in areas you want covered when you sweat. Plus, yoga clothes get washed alot, so investing in durable items will ultimately save you money.

3. Towel

If you’re anything like me and sweat profusely during a yoga class, you might want to bring a towel. For hot yoga classes I suggest a small bath towel, for non-heated go with a hand towel. Either way it keeps you from having to use your shirt to wipe away your sweat, which can be a huge distraction. Some classes will cue you to “let the sweat be” but I perspire too much for that, so I bring a towel to ensure I’m at least able to see the teacher.

4. Blocks & Straps

Most people don’t start yoga with super flexible limbs or superb balance, that develops over time, so while you’re waiting let these tools help you. Blocks will cut the distance in certain poses and assist with balancing while straps aid in flexibility. Studios usually offer these tools free of charge to all students, but if you practice at home you may consider purchasing your own. Trust me, they come in handy.

5. Water

Bring water to class and drink it. Whether the class is fast or slow, you’re releasing toxins from the body in almost every pose and water will further flush out impurities. Make sure the water is room temperature; if it’s too cold it’s uncomfortable to drink and you’re more likely to drink less. Lastly, try to bring a glass water bottle as opposed to a plastic one. With all the negative information out there about plastic it’s just safer to drink out of a glass, especially in heated classes – plastic and heat don’t mix. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a fancy glass bottle, just use a recycled spaghetti sauce jar and call it a day.


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