The Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop


“Walking into the ambiance you created was welcoming and magical, I’ve been in the space several times & it was clear you put intention & beauty there. The sisterly vibe was wonderful, it was delightful to meet brown women doing yoga, together, one of my firsts. All the love you shared with everyone that walked in the door was a blessing.”
— Chef Kristi Brown of That Brown Girl Cooks!
“Laying on the mat as we were wrapping up the Divine Feminine Workshop, I realized how quiet my mind was. How connected & present I felt with myself & all of the emotions that I struggle to ‘tone down’ in our very masculine world. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to reconnect to themselves & to heal.”
— Sarah Tran, Executive Director at Nonprofit Assistance Center Seattle
“I discovered that I hold back when opening my hips; that if I think about softening instead of opening I can reach a different level of deepness. The aspect of sisterhood helped me tap into my divine feminine the most, which surprised me. Each of the postures built upon each other, creating an intense unfolding effect. I’m so grateful for the experience & ready for the next workshop!”
— Elisia Young of Starbird Yoga

The divine feminine represents the sensual energy of all humanity. That can include birth, motherhood, restoration, reception, life, healing, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, softness, pleasure, healing and much more.

Designed to help individuals identify and embrace their unique divine feminine energy, this two-hour workshop will guide you through your mind and body, specifically the feminine centers - the heart (4th) and sacral (2nd) chakras. The workshop will include a loving touch-infused yoga sequence, edifying group discussion and self reflective journaling.

We will explore the definition of the divine feminine in modern day society. We will examine the comparison to the masculine and we will begin to identify the partnership of the divine feminine with our own individual essence in order to discover our unique relationship with it. Part asana practice and part lecture, we will utilize journaling and group discussion to explore the divine feminine at multiple levels. Bring your yoga mats and a pen and journal to take notes.

This workshop is for those who have, knowingly or unknowingly, fought against the patriarchal system so much that they’ve come to resist themselves and their softness. This workshop is for the individual who’s divine feminine has been so calloused by trauma that they no longer recognize it. This workshop is for the community member who’s divine feminine has been socially suppressed because it doesn’t match the image of a woman.

This workshop is for you if you’re ready to embrace your sensually divine feminine energy in alignment with the divine creator and source within you.

Expect to learn the nature of your feminine energetic body and mind in order to embrace your own unique divine feminine and confidently embody it.

What You Will Need:

  • A yoga mat
  • A journal and pen
  • Water

Eka Yoga Studio presents: The Divine Feminine Yoga Series

  • Sept 9|09
  • Sept 9|16
  • Sept 9|23

Time: 2-3:30pm

Where: 621 5th Ave N. Seattle WA. 98109


  • Pre-Registration: $155 |ends August 27th|
  • Post-Registraion: $169


The Sweatbox Yoga presents: The Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop

  • Nov 11|11

Time: 12-3:00pm

Where: 1417th 10th Ave Ste B. Seattle WA. 98122


  • Pre-Registration: $59 |ends Oct 16th|
  • Post-Registraion: $67