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#BodhiLoveYogaChallenge | Warrior 3

Pose: Warrior 3

Affirmation: I Love My Mind

Week 3: Balance Poses

Strengthens and Stretches: Legs, ankles, shoulders, and back. | Improves memory and concentration. 

How To Do It: Begin in ardha uttanasana half-way lift. Keeping knees soft, transfer weight to the right leg and lift left leg up behind you until the foot is in-line with the hip. Draw the left foot up through the left heel, internally rotating the left thigh so the toes point down. Square hips so they're both at an equal height. Lift the arms forward to frame the face, pointing thumbs up to the heavens and pinky fingers to the mat. Draw abs in and breath here for 3 full rounds of breath then repeat on opposite side. 

When To Do It: Throughout the day to improve focus and concentration. Incorporate this pose in the middle of your yoga practice after you've warmed up the core. 

Reflect With Us: Tell us how this pose made you feel. Comment below and at Black Healers Guild for a chance to win a lovely grand prize!

Share With Us: Snap a photo of you in this pose using the #bodhiloveyogachallenge and share it with the community via InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

For more body-loving yoga sequences visit us on YouTube at Yoga by Biola.

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