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#BodhiLoveYogaChallenge | Cat and Cow

Pose: Cat and Cow

Affirmation: I Love My Spine, Knees and Hands

Week 1: Yoga Basics

Strengthens and Stretches: Spine, back, neck, wrists, abdomen and hips

How To Do It: Start on all fours in table top position with shoulders directly under wrists and hips over knees, 2 fists worth of space between knees. Inhale, draw the heart and head up while dropping the belly down. Exhale, draw head towards groin while curling the spine up like an angry cat. Breath here for 3 full rounds of breath.

When To Do It: In the morning to gently stretch out the spine. At the beginning of your yoga practice. 

Reflect With Us: Tell us how this pose made you feel. Comment below and at Black Healers Guild for a chance to win a lovely grand prize!

Share With Us. Snap a photo of you in this pose using the #bodhiloveyogachallenge and share it with the community via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For more body-loving yoga sequences visit us on YouTube at Yoga by Biola.

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