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May Bodhi Love Yoga Challenge

Oh, the month of May, the time where beach body idealism lurks around every corner. I've fallen victim to self-criticism during spring and summer, especially as I've gotten older and my body has changed. What I've come to find is that negative talk does not serve me because it only perpetuates more negative self talk . I don't know about you but I'm not interested in spending another spring/summer with a head full of self-deprecating opinions about what my body is or isn't. You can miss me with that shit. I'd rather love on myself as I am and see where that leads. Want to join me?

I've teamed up with Black Healers' Guild, your one-stop shop for natural healers and holistic practitioners from African descent, to bring you this body-loving beginner yoga challenge focused on promoting positive body awareness during the month of May and beyond. That includes 31 yoga poses to help you love your body more by understanding how it works for you. 

Throughout the month of May a new pose will be posted every day here on and the Join the body-positive conversation by commenting and sharing your reflections here and on the Black Healers' Guild website for a chance to win a very fabulous grand prize! The more you comment here and the Black Healers' Guild website the better your chances of winning. We'll announce the winner at the end of the month. Remember to comment under challenge posts. 

Last but not least, share photos of you and your challenge poses with the community via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by hashtagging #bodiloveyogachallenge. The point of the hashtag is to keep the conversation alive and the support flowing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your reflections when you post your images. Below I've posted some example reflection questions you can ask yourself.

Example Reflection Questions

  1. I enjoyed______ pose because it allowed me to learn to admire _____ about my body.
  2. How did certain poses make you feel and what did you love about that feeling?
  3. Did any particular pose give you clarity on how you can love yourself better?
  4. Did you notice any negative self-talk come up in a particular pose? How did you overcome that?
  5. What does positive body awareness mean to you?

Enjoy the challenge everyone! I'll be taking it right there with you and posting my reflections here on my site and my instagram @yogabybiola. I look forward to reading your comments and checking out your social media posts via our hashtag #bodhiloveyogachallenge.


  1. Subscribe to the Yoga by Biola Newsletter to receive post updates on the challenge.
  2. Visit Yoga by Biola and Black Healers' Guild website each day for new body-loving poses.
  3. Try each challenge pose, snap a picture and share via social media including the hashtag #bodhiloveyogachallenge
  4. Go to and share your reflections in the comments sections for a chance to win the prize. 
  5. Journal about your experiences throughout the month of May, including how poses made you feel. Keep the conversation going, share your reflections in and with safe spaces of your choice.
  6. Grand prize winner will be announced May 31st on the Black Healers' Guild website.

Namaste friends,



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