The BE Liberated Workshop

Don't Wait. Live, Now!

Two people jaywalk across the street. One has learned that jaywalking is negative and has severe consequences, while the other has learned to look both ways before crossing. The person who has a negative association with jaywalking feels guilt ridden by the action while the other feels liberated to do so. These two perspectives are an example of how the conscience is shaped by what we learn at an early age, which ultimately determines how we interpret liberty.


Does This Apply To Me?

I remember a time where my world was a web of assumed truths and modes of social acceptance passed down by teachers, aunts, uncles, parents and the like. I lived according to what they understand as right or wrong, until I was mature enough to discern on my own.

For many of us our conscience was carefully framed at a young age by the teachings of our parents, society and other authority figures. Dr N.S. Xavier would call this the "super ego" or where ones judgement of good or bad has been shaped by family, society and so on. On the other hand, a liberated conscience is able to deliver balanced guidance in accordance to "what's good for oneself and for others."


I'm Ready For Liberty

If you recognize the powerful gifting inside of you but are unable to walk it out due to self-limiting teachings, you are ready to be liberated my friend.


The BE Liberated Guide

This essential guide lays out the TOP 4 ways you can live liberated right now, plus it's free! Click the link to snag your copy.


The Workshop

The Be Liberated workshop is an intimate weekend workshop designed to unpack you conscience of stagnant teachings and agreement in the areas listed below to help you start living liberated in the areas below, now!








What We Will Do

  • Create safe space for individuals to be vulnerable
  • Heal ourselves from past teachings by releasing the trauma and creating a new belief system in its place
  • Acknowledge the present state of our conscience without criticism 
  • Intentionally unpack the conscience of stagnant teachings in 6 specific areas
  • Examine the origin of our fears and detach our identity from them
  • Begin to identify with our liberating beliefs and create an intentional action plan to walk them out
  • Intentionally map out the liberty we'd like to experience in 6 specific areas


What I Will Teach You

How to identify stagnant teachings within your conscience in 6 targeted areas. You'll learn how to release these limiting beliefs and intentionally replace them with intuitive beliefs that line up with your authentic self. At the end of this workshop you will have the tools to recognize teachings that no longer serve you and as a result exercise new liberties throughout your life!


The Specifics

  • When: TBA
  • Who: Infinite souls ready to liberate their freaking beautiful light
  • What: 3-day workshop unpacking the conscious of stagnant teachings
  • Where: Location will be disclosed in welcome package email along with workshop agenda. 

Complimentary snacks and organic beverages will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.


  • Friday 6-9pm Introduction & Liberating Gentle Yoga Session
  • Saturday 2-7pm
  • Sunday 2-7pm


Investment: $500

More Information: Got questions? I have answers! Schedule your free 20 minute discovery session below.